Instant Pain Relief Spray

product is sure giving us a lot of trouble. After years in development and many months of field testing, we found that we
could successfully treat the pain of backaches, stiff necks, sore, achy feet, sunburn, and minor abrasions, etc., just to

name a few. It has no drugs, is non allergenic, has no after effects, no side effects, and does not react with any other drug
the user is taking. And in addition to that, it works in seconds. Just spray it on the affected area and the pain disappears
in less than 30 seconds.

Now we have a revolutionary new way to fight pain that isn’t available anywhere else. So why would we complain that it’s
giving us trouble? Because when potential users hear all these claims, their first reaction is, “No way. Nothing works that
good.” We understand that. People have been lied to so much that they’re not ready to believe anyone without proof. But
listen to some actual customers who’ve tried our spray and hear what th

Nancy, of Bolivar, OH, says, “I work as a clerk in a store on hard floors, and my Achilles tendon got so sore I couldn’t wear pain-stop-735-350
shoes. I had to wear floppers, which only made the situation worse because they didn’t give support to my feet. A customer

told me about IPR and gave me a spray from his bottle. I couldn’t believe how quick it made the pain go away! Now I’ve got my
own bottle and I use it for every ache and pain. It really works great on tension headaches. I just spray my neck and

shoulders and the pain stops. And I only need to spray my feet twice a week. I’m never going to run out of this stuff! I have
a friend who broke her toe eight years ago and had to have an operation to reset it. Since that day, she’s never been able to
move her toe. I asked her to let me spray it with IPR. The next day she called and wanted to know what I sprayed on her. I
asked why, and she said that she could move her toe now. When I told her it was IPR she ordered a bottle. We’re both
dedicated users now. We love this stuff!”

Van G., of Carrollton, OH, says, “I’ve had back trouble for years. It never stops, and when it gets too bad I get a shot of
cortisone from my doctor. It only eases the pain a little, it never really stops. Two months ago I had just got a shot and it
was still sore. A friend told me about IPR and he had some. He sprayed my back and in just few seconds all the pain stopped.

That was the first time I’d been pain-free in years. I went out and played 18 holes of golf and never hurt once. The next
day, the pain began to return, so I called the guy and found out where to get IPR. I sprayed it on my back and the pain
disappeared again. Now I spray my back every morning and I haven’t hurt since. I’m making sure I never run out of this spray!
It’s sure made life better for me.”

As an introductory offer, we’re giving you $5 off to try IPR. Also, the best way we know of to convince you that we’re being
truthful is to tell you that, if you order this product and are dissatisfied with it in any way, just return it and we’ll
refund your money. So, if you hurt and are leery of taking those pain pills that do damage to your inner organs, do yourself
a big favor and get a bottle of IPR. With the money back guarantee, you have everything to gain and nothing to lose. Regular
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